Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Markets, More Broker Transitions

We have seen an uptick in financial advisors changing firms as the markets continue to improve. Wells Fargo Advisors just announced that it has hired nine financial advisors from Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and RBC Capital Markets with $1.12 billion in assets under management.

Transitioning between firms is a important, and stressful time. Too many advisors do not seek the assistance of counsel when they change firms, despite the fact that there is significant sums of money and future business at stake. We represent advisors across the country in their transition efforts, including protocol compliance, promissory note negotiation, and review, advise and negotiation of employment agreements, promissory notes, transition payments, and everything in between.

Most of that work is done on a flat fee basis, at a reasonable cost.

And it is certainly less expensive than hiring us to review the documents years later, when the advisor is looking to leave that same firm. Call us at 212-509-6544 or email me at

Wells Fargo Hires 9 Advisors Managing $1.12B 
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